Spring Alley Clean Up was Huge Success!

We could not have asked for more perfect weather. For the first time in several alley clean up events, it did not rain! Together we loaded up 13.88 tons of furniture, mattresses, yard waste and other undesirables. For the first time we are holding a trashy photo contest! Each team has submitted photos from the day. Voting will take place at the Spring Fling on April 26! If you are unable to attend and wish to vote for your favorite photo and best team spirit, please email MDAenvironment@museumdistrict.org

Special thanks to our 3 neighborhood teams and hard working city employees:

South: Trash Fairies

Melinda Clapp
Larry Clapp
Sharon Considine
Linda Dunn
Chris Dunn
Ann Harmon
MA Powers

North: Refuse Renegades
Cheryl Baumgardner
Robert Baumgardner
Brad Ewald
Larry Meyer
Jessie Reuben
Zac Strauss
Drew Strauss
Bob Turton
Louise Turton

Central: Alley-Gators
Beth Bostian
Ben Hopkins
Gordon Davies
Angela Lehman
Valerie L'Herrou
Mark Meier
Ephraim Seidman
Fred Rosen

City Employees
Ray Brown
Alvin Allen
Davaughn Diggins
Davis Green
Woody Verra
Billy Walker