Five Ideas for an Organized New Year

By Amanda Scudder, Abundance Organizing

Getting organized is a popular New Year’s resolution. There are countless articles to help you put your home in order, but many overlook the fact that organization starts from within. To move from resolution to action in 2016:

  • Imagine the Freedom of Living With Less: Picture this—you are going on an extended trip and can only bring one suitcase. What will you put in it? What will you miss? And more importantly, what will you not miss?
  • Honor the Rule of the Gift: When you are given a gift, your only obligation is to receive it with gratitude. After that, the item is yours to do with as you wish. Release the things you don’t want so they can find a place where they are needed.
  • Practice Mindfulness: Adopt the mindset of a curious child and observe how things are coming in and leaving your home, how they are being put away, or not. Avoid judging, just notice.
  • Choose the Path of Least Resistance: Consider small changes that work with your current habits. If you observe that you drop your jacket on the chair by the door, consider installing a coat tree nearby. If you often lose your keys, designate an eye-catching dish on the hall table and practice putting the keys there every time.
  • Find a Cause: When the holidays have passed, many non-profits experience a drop in donations, but the needs don’t disappear. Keep a bag handy for duplicates, things you no longer love or use, or things that have been replaced. When the bag is full, take it to a local non-profit that is meaningful to you.

The things we own and the commitments we make require our time, energy, and attention. Carefully curating our lives to include only those things that are useful, meaningful, and beautiful benefits others and ourselves. Best wishes for a 2016 that is filled with the things that matters most to you!