Town Hall Meeting March 9, 2016-Minutes

Town Hall Meeting
March 9, 2016
Temple Beth El

6:15-6:30PM Refreshments                                                                                      6:30PM-8:00PM Presentations

  • Traffic Engineering-Travis Bridewell-Update on the Floyd Bike Walk

-Project is about 85% complete.
-Belmont traffic light due to be removed March 10th.
-Tree at Belmont circle will be trimmed as it is too large.
-Pedestrian crosswalks will receive painted lines no late than May, 2016.  
-Raised crosswalks are being considered at some intersections.
-Traffic engineers will be meeting with GRTC, Richmond Schools, Fire, and Police in regards to making the turns safely and legally
-4-way Stop at Dooley will be reduced to yield signs.
-Yield signs on North-South streets will be installed.
-Signs to be installed indicating that emergency vehicles and buses may make legal turns in front of circles.
-The process is fluid and engineers are interested in engaging residents and making decisions that are in the best interest of everyone.
-There are state codes to which the city must adhere in regards to signage and paint colors.

  • Richmond City Planning & Development-Will Palmquist-Reviewed proposed zoning changes for space use along Broad Street/BRT Pulse corridor.

Extensive plan described highlighting all mixed use areas along broad street.

Click here to view diagrams and Click here to respond to survey/input.

  • GRTC-Ashley Mason

Assisted Will Palmquist by responding to questions regarding BRT routes, schedules and parking. Time did not permit for lengthy discussions regarding the Pulse.                 

  • Public Officials Discussion and Q&A

Jon Baliles-City Council
Budget period will be tough one with $9 million shortfall.
His bid for mayor is only a rumor.

Dawson Boyer-School Board
Introduced by Jon Baliles, newest board member that replaced Glen Sturtevant.
Shared his vision for making schools a priority.

Fire Chief Robert Creecy-Fire Department
-Department has exhausted all leads in Museum District arson cases that took place in January, please report anything that you hear in regards to the fires.
-The City of Richmond provides and installs smoke detectors to citizens at no charge. Call Fire Prevention at (804)646-2500 to schedule an installation.
-Firefighters will come to your home and perform a safety survey at no cost. Call (804)646-2500 for more information.

Police Department-Lt Nat Bynum & Bike Officer Glendon Cox

-SECURE YOUR PROPERTY! The crimes in Museum District are largely crimes of opportunity.
-Police will be looking at measures to educate residents and improve use of roads shared by pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.

  • Announcements

Alley Clean up-April 2 @ 7:45AM-Albert Hill Middle School
Spring Fling-April 28th @ 6-8PM-3319 Monument Avenue
Mother’s Day House & Garden Tour-May 8th @ 1-6PM
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