Notes from the MDA Annual Meeting, 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Museum District Association. The program included messages from out-going City Councilman Jon Baliles as well comments from our newly elected officials, firemen, and police officers. Two retiring board members, Karen Headley and Zoe Anne Green, were recognized for decades of service. Committee members and board directors from 2016 were introduced and thanked for their service over the past year.  New board members for 2017 were introduced and approved by the membership. Wilson T Mustian, publisher of Facts & Legends of Richmond Area Streets entertained the crowd with trivia, some fact and some legend, about our area streets. Several residents were presented with hardback additions of the book from the attendance raffle.

Board of Directors, 2017
Hannah Abbey | School Liaison
Sharon Considine | At Large
Jason Dufilho | Capital Projects    
Linda Dunn | Code Enforcement
Jennifer Fleming | Business Liaison
Colleen Hewitt | Secretary
Matt Hogan | Environment
Melissa Oefelein | Communications
Sue Patow | Programs
M.A. Powers | President
Karen Redford | Treasurer
John Reyna | Zoning & Land Use
Ron Russ | Public Safety
Claire Sanderson | Membership
James Shea | Newsletter
Stephen Versen | President Elect

The Columns Newsletter Committee
Chairman: James Shea
Liz Bryant
Scott Cannady
Carolyn Chilton
Casey Fleming
Steve Jones
Justine Sizemore                                                                                                          Proof Readers: Zoe Anne Green, Karen Headley

MDA Zoning & Land UseCommittee
Chairman: Stephen Versen
Mary Lou Carr
Mary Krumbein
Chris Small
Gayle Soloe
Brian Spencer
Fernando Viego

MDA House & Garden Tour Committee
Chairpersons: Turner Cole, 2016 & Arax Mitchell, 2017
Beth Bostian
Larry Clapp
Melinda Clapp
Jennifer Fleming
Zoe Anne Green
Karen Lebo
Elizabeth Nemacheck
Carmen Noviskey
M.A. Powers
Amanda Scudder
Judy Turk

Karen Kelly was awarded the MDA Star for 2016. Karen is a constant volunteer in the neighborhood. Some of her contributions include:
-Roseneath Median Project
-Albert Hill Middle School landscape
-Newsletter delivery
-Historic House Plaque Coordinator
-MDA House & Garden Tour participant and volunteer
-Floyd Avenue traffic circle and bump-outs maintenance and beautification
-Support to residents with landscape design and installation

A dozen Richmond City refuse truck drivers and collectors were also awarded the MDA Star for their positive attitude and outstanding service during the Museum District Alley Clean Up in the Spring and Fall.