Town Hall Meeting March 9, 2016-Minutes

Town Hall Meeting
March 9, 2016
Temple Beth El

6:15-6:30PM Refreshments                                                                                      6:30PM-8:00PM Presentations

  • Traffic Engineering-Travis Bridewell-Update on the Floyd Bike Walk

-Project is about 85% complete.
-Belmont traffic light due to be removed March 10th.
-Tree at Belmont circle will be trimmed as it is too large.
-Pedestrian crosswalks will receive painted lines no late than May, 2016.  
-Raised crosswalks are being considered at some intersections.
-Traffic engineers will be meeting with GRTC, Richmond Schools, Fire, and Police in regards to making the turns safely and legally
-4-way Stop at Dooley will be reduced to yield signs.
-Yield signs on North-South streets will be installed.
-Signs to be installed indicating that emergency vehicles and buses may make legal turns in front of circles.
-The process is fluid and engineers are interested in engaging residents and making decisions that are in the best interest of everyone.
-There are state codes to which the city must adhere in regards to signage and paint colors.

  • Richmond City Planning & Development-Will Palmquist-Reviewed proposed zoning changes for space use along Broad Street/BRT Pulse corridor.

Extensive plan described highlighting all mixed use areas along broad street.

Click here to view diagrams and Click here to respond to survey/input.

  • GRTC-Ashley Mason

Assisted Will Palmquist by responding to questions regarding BRT routes, schedules and parking. Time did not permit for lengthy discussions regarding the Pulse.                 

  • Public Officials Discussion and Q&A

Jon Baliles-City Council
Budget period will be tough one with $9 million shortfall.
His bid for mayor is only a rumor.

Dawson Boyer-School Board
Introduced by Jon Baliles, newest board member that replaced Glen Sturtevant.
Shared his vision for making schools a priority.

Fire Chief Robert Creecy-Fire Department
-Department has exhausted all leads in Museum District arson cases that took place in January, please report anything that you hear in regards to the fires.
-The City of Richmond provides and installs smoke detectors to citizens at no charge. Call Fire Prevention at (804)646-2500 to schedule an installation.
-Firefighters will come to your home and perform a safety survey at no cost. Call (804)646-2500 for more information.

Police Department-Lt Nat Bynum & Bike Officer Glendon Cox

-SECURE YOUR PROPERTY! The crimes in Museum District are largely crimes of opportunity.
-Police will be looking at measures to educate residents and improve use of roads shared by pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles.

  • Announcements

Alley Clean up-April 2 @ 7:45AM-Albert Hill Middle School
Spring Fling-April 28th @ 6-8PM-3319 Monument Avenue
Mother’s Day House & Garden Tour-May 8th @ 1-6PM
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President's Letter, February 2016

Greetings neighbors and friends:

It is my pleasure to serve as your president for 2016.  I joined the board just over a year ago and have been working as secretary until recently. Many thanks and well wishes for those board members who completed their terms in 2015 and hallelujahs for the new and returning board members who are currently serving!

It is my love of the neighborhood that initially motivated me to serve on the board. The Museum District is such a fabulous place to live and I am compelled to do my part to contribute to it’s success as a community. Once I became a member of the board, I was seriously impressed by the commitment of each board member to our community.  As President Elect it was my duty to ensure each position was filled for the coming year.  As I began to reach out to people, I was blown away by the enthusiasm to serve that I found in my fellow neighbors. I have always believed that as a leader, one should never ask another person to do anything they are not willing to try themselves. I am surrounded by leaders who share this ideology and passion.  It’s going to be a great year in the Museum District.

We will be conducting business in our regular fashion by holding monthly board meetings and special events such as our town hall meeting, Spring Fling, Summer Picnic, National Night Out, and our Annual Meeting. In addition to navigating issues that arise around us in the city, we have some defined goals for 2016: Improvements to the median of Roseneath, bannersthroughout the neighborhood, maintenance of the roundabouts on Floyd, repair and replacement of street signs, monitoring and contributing as needed to the progress of the Bus Rapid Transit system, and our annual Mother’s Day House & Garden Tour. We depend on membership dues and the house tour to drive each of these maintenance needs and improvements in the neighborhood. We are all ambassadors for the historic community in which we live. Let’s keep it beautiful, and vibrant, and safe. Be sure to join the Museum District Association and participate in our events, especially the House Tour!

Additionally, If you are motivated or inspired to be part of our team, reach out to me or any other board member, at any time. We value your input and ideas so don’t be a stranger.  I am looking forward to meeting and getting to know more of you throughout the year.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy new year!

Margaret A Powers


Many Thanks

Many thanks to the following merchants and restaurants who contributed to the success of our annual board work session in January:

  • 10 Italian Cafe
  • Ardent Brewery
  • Belmont Food Shop
  • Can Can
  • Mongrel
  • One Eyed Jaques
  • Orange
  • Plan 9
  • Richmond Magazine
  • Sweet Frog
  • Ten Thousand Villages
  • The Daily
  • T-Shirt Studio