Neighborhood Watch Program Begins

The Museum District Association has begun the process of adopting a structured crime prevention program through "Neighborhood Watch" offered by the Richmond Police Department.  We have met with police officers in our sector and have been gathering ideas. Our organizational meeting will be held at All Saints Presbyterian Church at Grove & Sheppard on Thursday January 19, 6-8 PM.

The Museum District and neighboring communities constantly experience street/car crimes. This is not new but we have recently seen an increase. These crimes can be a pathway to personal crime in our homes and violent crimes against us personally. Once the word gets out on the street that the Museum District is an easy target with high return, crime may escalate and become more aggressive.

We have thousands of residents to reach through this site, Facebook, Nextdoor, and email. Please help us spread the word!

Please contact our safety director Ron Russ ( if you are interested in participating in the program. If we work together, we can make a difference.

Notes from the MDA Annual Meeting, 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Museum District Association. The program included messages from out-going City Councilman Jon Baliles as well comments from our newly elected officials, firemen, and police officers. Two retiring board members, Karen Headley and Zoe Anne Green, were recognized for decades of service. Committee members and board directors from 2016 were introduced and thanked for their service over the past year.  New board members for 2017 were introduced and approved by the membership. Wilson T Mustian, publisher of Facts & Legends of Richmond Area Streets entertained the crowd with trivia, some fact and some legend, about our area streets. Several residents were presented with hardback additions of the book from the attendance raffle.

Board of Directors, 2017
Hannah Abbey | School Liaison
Sharon Considine | At Large
Jason Dufilho | Capital Projects    
Linda Dunn | Code Enforcement
Jennifer Fleming | Business Liaison
Colleen Hewitt | Secretary
Matt Hogan | Environment
Melissa Oefelein | Communications
Sue Patow | Programs
M.A. Powers | President
Karen Redford | Treasurer
John Reyna | Zoning & Land Use
Ron Russ | Public Safety
Claire Sanderson | Membership
James Shea | Newsletter
Stephen Versen | President Elect

The Columns Newsletter Committee
Chairman: James Shea
Liz Bryant
Scott Cannady
Carolyn Chilton
Casey Fleming
Steve Jones
Justine Sizemore                                                                                                          Proof Readers: Zoe Anne Green, Karen Headley

MDA Zoning & Land UseCommittee
Chairman: Stephen Versen
Mary Lou Carr
Mary Krumbein
Chris Small
Gayle Soloe
Brian Spencer
Fernando Viego

MDA House & Garden Tour Committee
Chairpersons: Turner Cole, 2016 & Arax Mitchell, 2017
Beth Bostian
Larry Clapp
Melinda Clapp
Jennifer Fleming
Zoe Anne Green
Karen Lebo
Elizabeth Nemacheck
Carmen Noviskey
M.A. Powers
Amanda Scudder
Judy Turk

Karen Kelly was awarded the MDA Star for 2016. Karen is a constant volunteer in the neighborhood. Some of her contributions include:
-Roseneath Median Project
-Albert Hill Middle School landscape
-Newsletter delivery
-Historic House Plaque Coordinator
-MDA House & Garden Tour participant and volunteer
-Floyd Avenue traffic circle and bump-outs maintenance and beautification
-Support to residents with landscape design and installation

A dozen Richmond City refuse truck drivers and collectors were also awarded the MDA Star for their positive attitude and outstanding service during the Museum District Alley Clean Up in the Spring and Fall.

Autumn Town Hall: Supporting Our Schools

September 14, at 2016Temple Beth El, 3330 Grove Ave

This Town Hall Meeting was held to bring awareness of the needs of our schools to district residents.  It began at 6:15PM with refreshments and an opportunity to visit representatives from five schools:  William Fox and Mary Munford Elementary Schools, James Binford and Albert Hill Middle Schools and Thomas Jefferson High School.

Call to Order: 6:40PM

The President of the MDA, M.A. Powers, introduced herself and the speakers for the evening.  M.A. thanked Temple Beth El for the use of their facilities as well as others for contributing to the successful evening.


Fox Elementary:  PTA President Meg Stott and principal Daniela Jacobs both spoke of the strengths, challenges and needs at Fox.  The 105 year old building has had ADA accessibility added to it and has an experienced staff.  They list the community, active parents and racial and socio-economic diversity as their strengths.  Class size is their biggest challenge. Support for Fox Elementary can be given by attending their events (more info at, through the Howard Street Tutoring Project (contact and mentoring (contact the guidance counselor,

Mary Munford Elementary:  The PTA President, Rupa Murthy, spoke of the success Mary Munford has become thanks to determined and involved parents and neighbors.  Their enhanced playground is a community resource.  Mary Munford now focuses its outreach programs to coordinate with and/or benefit other RPS schools.  For a list of volunteer opportunities, contact Munford Volunteer Coordinator.  

Binford Middle School:  Liza Forness, PTA President, and Johnetta Guishard spoke about opportunities at Binford Middle.  In 2015, Binford became the first Art-Integrated middle school in the Commonwealth.  Binford opened with a new principal and vice principal last year and has experienced an increased student body reflecting a cross section of Richmond City children.  They are fundraising to implement a Mindfulness Program and to update the auditorium.  There are many opportunities to support the school.  To volunteer contact the via email at:

Albert Hill Middle School:  The PTA President, Anne Ewald, spoke about the specific challenges Albert Hill faces.  There is currently an interim principal and the school is not fully accredited in reading and math.  The PTA is active but many parents are unable to participate.  Volunteers are needed in many areas including grounds upkeep, mentoring and tutoring, office administration and the library.  More information can be found on the website, and on the school Facebook page.

Thomas Jefferson High School:  TJ Alumnus and Tee Jay Vikings Fund representative, Russell Flammia spoke about fundraising and news from Thomas Jefferson High.  The school is transitioning into an International Baccalaureate curriculum.  The PTSA is just beginning.  Churches are volunteering to feed children participating in after school activities.  The Tee Jay Vikings Fund supports many projects including academic scholarships, athletic uniforms and equipment, and white boards for classrooms.  Please visit: Tee Jay Vikings Fund website and the school Thomas Jefferson High School Website

School Board Representatives:  Mamie Taylor, 5th District Representative, and Dawson Boyer, 1st District Representative, spoke to some of the challenges facing the RPS.  They also answered questions from the audience.

The formal meeting was adjourned to allow attendees to meet with representatives from the school board, schools and PTAs until 8:30PM. 

Museum District residents welcome the teachers of Thomas Jefferson High School

On Wednesday the teachers and staff returned to Thomas Jefferson for the 2016-17 academic year. Museum District residents joined the PTSA and Boyer's Coffee to provide a delicious breakfast to over 100 members of the TJ Vikings family. Everyone that helped with breakfast was rewarded from helping our teachers start their year with a warm welcome. Go Vikings!

Thank you to the following residents and businesses that contributed to the successful breakfast:

Jan Shea, MA Powers, Sharon Considine, Cathy Linegar, Siri Wiggins, Melanie Buffington,Louise Turton, St Mark's Church, Jessie Reuben, Lillian Turner, Melinda Clapp, Caley Crawford, Buddy's Place, and Boyer's Ice Cream & Coffee.

Supply Drive for Thomas Jefferson High School was a Huge Success!

Thank you to Museum District residents and Holy Comforter Episcopal congregation for the tremendous donation of supplies. This photo just begins to show the amount and variety of supplies delivered to TJHS on Tuesday of last week. Temple Beth El is continuing gather items so there will be even more to deliver this week. Teachers will be greeted by this fabulous show of support when they return to school on Wednesday. Thanks also to our Belmont librarians who helped shuffle and sort through items brought in through their location. We really came through on this one!