Board of Directors

President -
Margaret A. Powers

President Elect -
Stephen Versen

Treasurer -
Karen Redford

Secretary -                                                  Colleen Hewitt

At Large -
Sharon Considine

Business Liaison -
Jennifer Fleming

Capital Projects -
Jason Difilho

Code Enforcement -
Linda Dunn

Communications -
Melissa Oefelein

Environment -
Matt Hogan

Membership -
Claire Sanderson

Museum District Woman's Club Liaison -     Jessie Reuben     

Programs -
Sue Patow

Safety -
Ron Russ

School Liaison -
Hannah Abbey

Technology -
Kevin Bojarski

Zoning -
John Reyna

Committee Members

House Tour -
Arax Boghosian

Newsletter -
Liz Bryant and Scott Cannady

Newsletter Ads -
Steve Jones