Every Spring and Fall the MDA holds an Alley Clean Up Event

We need volunteers to help reduce the amount of trash, appliances, and furniture that is currently littering our alleyways. Clean alleys make for a better neighborhood by reducing rodent population, improving overall appearance and providing space for emergency vehicle access.

Volunteers meet at Albert Hill Middle School at 7:45AM on Saturday, October 7th!

The city will provide 3 trucks with drivers and helpers to facilitate the clean up. Residents volunteer to walk behind the trucks and pick up debris and throw it into the truck. We usually finish up around noon. Wear work gloves and sturdy shoes! In the weeks leading up to each event you may RSVP by email (mdaenvironment@museumdistrict.org) or leave a message on the MDA phone line 804-410-1632.  Hope to see you out there!


Throughout the year, If you have bulk rubbish to get rid of:

Bulk and brush refuse is collected Monday thru Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Requests are serviced on a first come/first served basis. Trucks are assigned through the City, not in specific areas or zip codes.

City residents must either call the Customer Care Center at 3-1-1 or (804) 646-7000 or log onto http://www.richmondgov.com/mpact/ to request a pick up. Items must be placed out for collection on the day the request is made, in the event crews are able to pick it up on that day.

There is a $50 service fee for the removal of appliances. Bulk and brush pick up will be collected within 10 working days of the request with no service fee. If applicable, the service fees will be applied to the residents utility bill.

The 2016 Spring Alley Cleanup and the first Trashy Photo Contest were a success! Check out photos below!

The Fall Alley Clean Up on October 8, 2016 took place in the pouring rain, again!

Thank you to our volunteers: Larry Clapp, Melinda Clapp, Turner Cole, Linda Dunn, Gary Foster, Harriet Foster, Matt Hogan, Steve Jones, Sally Kutz, Angela Lehman, Barbara Marx, Catharine Moser, MA Powers, Jessie Reuben, LuAnn Tarren, Bob Turton, and Louise Turton. Together we were able to get through most of the alleys and make a huge difference in the cleanliness of our neighborhood. Alley Clean Up events are successful despite the fact that a limited number of residents show up to participate. Please consider helping next spring!

Spring Clean Up-2016

Thank you to everyone who worked in the pouring rain to reduce the amount of trash, appliances, and furniture littering our alleyways. We had three trucks, 6 city employees and 20 volunteers and still could barely get all the rubbish collected in one morning. Special thanks to our volunteers: Ernie Chamberlain, Catharine Moser, Harriet Foster, Barbara Marx, Zac Strauss, Jonathan Harper, Steve Abbot, Cason Dwyer, Andy Scudder, Lisa Kozsdiy, Cheryl Baumgardner, Turner Cole, LuAnn Tarren, Melinda Clapp, Jessie Reuben, Sharon Considine, James Shea, Linda Dunn, MA Powers, and Matt Hogan. Check out the pictures below!